Breaking: Seniors Need to Claim These 9 Benefits or They Won't Get Them

Americans are entitled to more benefit programs in 2021 than ever before, and yet, 9 out of 10 adults still fail to claim them. The average adult stands to get more than $5,000+ per year by simply applying for the benefits below, but unfortunately, most don't even know they exist.

We have curated a list of the top 9 highest value benefits, stimulus and discounts that are active for all Americans right now below. Just make sure to claim them before they expire!

Never Pay For Electricity Again - This Fed Program Pays Homeowners To Go Solar & Enjoy $0 Electric Bills!

Your power company will likely never tell you about this. This little known government program is paying thousands of dollars to homeowners who live in these qualifying areas, simply to switch to solar.

It's called the Federal Renewable Energy  Program and it covers all costs to go solar, so you never have to pay another energy bill again. On average, homeowners can get $5,000+ to install solar panels.

The benefits don't stop there, once you've made the switch, homeowners reduce their energy bills all the way to $0! This helps you save even more in the long run.

It's very easy (and free) to check if you are eligible before the program expires. Connect with solar installers and start eliminating your electric bills. Check Eligibility Here!

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Get Up To $250,000 in Life Insurance From Just $1/Day

The security that life insurance gives you and your family is critical. While a nominal insurance of $25,000 sounds like a nice amount, the reality is it may barely cover funeral costs and a few mortgage payments. A large policy can help make up for years of lost salary, pay the mortgage and ensure your family doesn't inherit your debts. 

By using this clever little-known site, it's easy for anyone to find an affordable life insurance policy with high coverage. Compare plans regardless of your age or medical history and better yet, it's completely free to use. No longer will big insurance companies rip people off and get away with it...

After entering your criteria, their powerful technology searches countless deals to find you the most affordable policies. It's hard to find these policies anywhere else and in most cases, even if you have an existing plan, it could save you up to 70% off while keeping the same coverage.

Policies without medical checks are available with instant approval, even for adults that may have been denied in the past.  Click Here to Check Policies

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Homeowners, Get Up To $3,708/Year Thanks To This National Mortgage Relief Program

Hailed as 'the largest benefit program for homeowners' in 2021, this one thing could put thousands of dollars in your pocket every year.

Anyone with a mortgage can apply to use this Mortgage Relief Program to get up to $3,708/Year deducted from their mortgage payments starting as soon as this month. 

This relief program may not last, lenders have been lobbying to end it, as thousands of clever homeowners have already taken advantage. The good news is, as long as you claim before it expires, you're locked in and keep your $3,708 EVERY year.

Homeowners with good credit could even be entitled to more, check how much you can get back with this free online survey.

The best part is it takes just 60 seconds to check and is completely free with this online survey

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Debt Relief' Program Helps Americans With $30,000+ Credit Card Debt

The burden of debt can be a big one to carry, especially so for seniors. Ever increasing living costs combined with interest rates that exponentially increase your debt, it can be overwhelming. All these factors could end up with an inability to pay your debt and an ever increasing pile of it! But credit card companies are hiding something from you...

Americans who have $30,000 or more in credit card debt can greatly reduce their debts through this ‘Debt Relief Program’, allowing them to become completely debt-free in a couple of short years.

If you have $30,000 or more in credit card debt, we strongly advise you to check out this program to get rid of it faster!

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Paying For Car Insurance? A Simple Way To Save $610/Year

It is widely known that many seniors pay far too much for their car insurance. Generally, depending on age and driving history, seniors could qualify for huge discounts & savings on their policies. The problem is that most fail to compare and simply let their existing policies renew year after year...

For most, if you are over the age of 50 and pay more than $38/month for car insurance, you are very likely overpaying for your policy. 

Thanks to this innovative new website, most seniors can take advantage of up to $610 in savings which may be available, yet most don’t even know about! The site is super easy to use and allows you to see instantly how much lower your new rate is.

Click here to see if you qualify to for up to $610 off each year on car insurance

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Get a New Roof This Month With This ‘Roof Replacement’ Incentive

Everybody knows repairing or replacing a roof can be an extremely expensive affair. However, this clever website has put the roofing industry's exorbitant pricing on its head. Instead of leaving roofing issues to develop into even bigger problems, homeowners can finally get a new roof without paying full cost. 

By using this little-known website, homeowners could get a brand new roof at a fraction of the cost, allowing them to add valuable equity to their homes. Not just that, but putting off repairing or replacing an old roof could lead to much more serious issues down the line.

Simply connect today to take advantage of savings & discounts through this site! Check If My Home Qualifies.

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Pay For Home Insurance? Get $1,632 Back Each Year

Yet another case of big insurance companies ripping people off...That's about to change with the introduction of this special program. Thousands of homeowners have been cashing in with this and receiving up to $1,632 every year on their home insurance policies. It's obvious why most insurance companies don't tell their customers about this.

It's important to have home insurance, but most people overpay for their policies and rarely make claims. Clever homeowners have been using this innovative site to get back $1,632 on their policy, while keeping the same coverage. The truth is, home insurance isn't expensive, but most fail to check for alternative plans or programs.

The average homeowner stands to get $1,632 back, thanks to this popular website. By simply entering your ZIP code, you can get different quotes from providers who will offer you the same or better coverage, while helping you reduce your bill. 

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62 or Older? Eliminate Your Monthly Mortgage Payments with a 'Reverse Mortgage'

For those with a fast-approaching retirement, reducing or eliminating their monthly mortgage payments would be a big relief. Not only that, but gaining access to a large cash lump sum could help pay for the many things retirement entails. Looking to pay off some high-interest credit cards? Buy a summer home? Maybe just want some extra cash on hand?

Then a reverse mortgage loan could be exactly what you need. It's as interesting as it sounds and thousands of clever homeowners do it every year. You could get access to money, allowing you to pay for the things you want, while at the same time removing the worry of monthly mortgage payments! Eligible homeowners simply need to honor the loan terms and enjoy a better retirement! Find out more by visiting the official AAG Reverse Mortgage Survey and fill out a few questions.

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Never Pay For Costly Home Repairs Out Of Pocket Again

It's always a disruption when appliances like ACs or washing machines break down. Worse yet, most of us can't afford to go out and replace or repair them on the spot, yet are forced to, since they are rarely covered by home insurance policies. They always seem to break down when we need them most, but next time, you don't need to pay out of pocket for anything...

Clever homeowners are using this new Home Warranty Program, and are saving thousands in the long run by protecting themselves against unexpected home repairs. All appliances you can think of are covered entirely by this program, and in many cases, they'll completely replace your appliance with a brand new one. Without paying a penny out of pocket or unexpectedly, you can save yourself the financial impact and inconvenience of future break downs.

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Discounts & Saving Tips - Your Wallet Will Thank You

Even when the economy is good, it helps to be mindful of your money, but it's even more important nowadays. Here's some unusual ways to save your cents and turn them into dollars:

  • Groceries: Save up to 10% off at supermarkets such as Bi-Lo, Fred Myer, Hy-Vee and more! Even Walmart sometimes offers senior discounts, it's always worth asking in store.
  • Diet: Eat meatless once or twice a week. Not only will it help your wallet, it’ll improve your health.
  • Entertainment: Most towns offer free concerts on Saturdays or Sundays during the summer. Take advantage of them.
  • Travel: Get up to 10% off with airlines like American Airlines, United, Southwest & more. It varies by route, so it's worth calling in before booking!

Biggest Value Program: Free Solar Installation ($0 Electric Bills For Life)

Our top pick is the Federal Renewable Energy Program, as it pays out more than any other on this list. On average, homeowners can get $5,000+ to install solar panels. Your power company will never tell you about this little known government program thats paying thousands of dollars to homeowners who live in these qualifying areas, simply to switch to solar.

The benefits don't stop there, once you've made the switch, homeowners reduce their energy bills all the way to $0! This helps you save even more in the long run.

It's very easy (and free) to check if you are eligible before the program expires. Connect with solar installers and start eliminating your electric bills. Check Eligibility Here!

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Highest Value Programs:

Many are enjoying thousands of dollars extra for many years to come, simply by claiming the benefits below:

Remember - They may expire at anytime, so claim as soon as you can!